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don kilian family trust

Schneider Auction Service

16 October, 2020 12:00 am

Selling guns, car, furniture, antiques, general household, and more for the Don Kilian Family Trust

Lot #: 1

Kitchen items

Lot 1 ? dishes, cups, saucers, flatware, coffee pot, kitchen utensils, mixer and more

Lot #: 2

Cap collection and towels

Lot 2 ? cap collection, towels, wash cloths

Lot #: 3

Bath stool, cane, stool riser

Lot 3 ? Bath stool, cane, stool riser, magazine rack, step stool

Lot #: 4

Kitchen Items

Lot 4 ? kitchen supplies, Tupperware, trays, cutting boards, picnic tin, and more

Lot #: 5


Lot 5 ? Dolls: Annie, June & Julie, 3 porcelain dolls, Shirley Temple doll, and others

Lot #: 6

vintage fan

Lot 6 ? vintage Westinghouse fan

Lot #: 7

Fan, lamps, shelf, iron board

Lot 7 ? Lasko fan, 3 floor lamps, plastic shelf, iron board

Lot #: 8


Lot 8 ? 5 piece Protocol luggage set

Lot #: 9

Yard tools

Lot 9 ? Yard tools: potato fork, rakes, shovels, snow pushers, 4? aluminum step ladder, hoes, spade

Lot #: 10


Lot 10 ? Floral pattern couch

Lot #: 11

Bowl, pitcher and tea pot

Lot 11 ? Fruit bowl, small blue pitcher, tea pot w/lid

Lot #: 12

Piano doll

Lot 12 ? Piano doll, does have damage (fingers broke)

Lot #: 13

Fenton dish and England Bone China

Lot 13 ? Fenton covered dolphin handled candy dish and England Bone China flower pot (some damage)

Lot #: 14

German bowl

Lot 14 ? German covered bowl

Lot #: 15

Hen on a nest

Lot 15 ? Blue/white milk glass Hen on a nest

Lot #: 16

Vaseline glass

Lot 16 ? Vaseline opalescence glass: covered butter dish, berry bowl w/4 bowls and Creamer & Sugar

Lot #: 17

Carnival glass

Lot 17 ? Carnival footed bowl and carnival dish

Lot #: 18

Pitcher w/glasses

Lot 18 ? Cranberry to clear pitcher w/5 glasses

Lot #: 19


Lot 19 ? 5 drawer dresser

Lot #: 20

Daisy Red Ryder BB gun

Lot 20 ? Daisy Red Ryder Carbine, No. 111, Model 40

Lot #: 21

JC Higgins Mod. 20

Lot 21 ? JC Higgins, Model 20, 12 gauge, full choke, 2 ¾ chamber, pump, SN. 583.59 Shipping will be available at buyers expense via FFL dealer.

Lot #: 22

Remington Speedmaster Mod 552

Lot 22 ? Remington Speedmaster, Model 552, SN. 218162, 22 S, L, LR, semi-auto, shell guard, tube feed, Shipping will be available at buyers expense via FFL dealer.

Lot #: 23

Winchester Mod. 06

Lot 23 ? Winchester Model 06, SN. 29940, 22 S, L, LR, pump, tube feed, Shipping will be available at buyers expense via FFL dealer.

Lot #: 24

Daisy pistol

Lot 24 ? Daisy Powerline Model 1200, SN.L012803, CO2, BB

Lot #: 25

Colt Army .45

Lot 25 ? Colt single action Army revolver, SN. SA50445, .45 caliber, ivory grips, 5 ½? barrel, w/box and paperwork, Shipping will be available at buyers expense via FFL dealer.

Lot #: 26

Colt Army .44

Lot 26 ? Colt single action Army revolver, SN. SA63233, .44 special, nickel cylinder, 5 ½? barrel, w/box and paperwork, Shipping will be available at buyers expense via FFL dealer.

Lot #: 27

Colt Cowboy .45

Lot 27 ? Colt Cowboy single action revolver, SN. TF07361, .45 caliber, ivory grips, w/plastic grips, 5 ½? barrel, w/box and paperwork, Shipping will be available at buyers expense via FFL dealer.

Lot #: 28

Colt Cowboy .45

Lot 28 ? Colt Cowboy single action revolver, SN. TF05461, .45 caliber, ivory grips, w/plastic grips, 5 ½? barrel, w/box and paperwork, Shipping will be available at buyers expense via FFL dealer.

Lot #: 29

Colt Army .44

Lot 29 ? Colt single action Army revolver, SN. SA42597, .44 special, 6 ¾? barrel, Shipping will be available at buyers expense via FFL dealer.

Lot #: 30


Lot 30 ? Pair leather holsters and belt for single action revolvers, 53? long X 2 ½? wide shooters belt

Lot #: 31

Hunter holster

Lot 31 ? Hunter holster, fits long barrels, 53? long X 2 ½? wide shooters belt

Lot #: 32

Smith & Wesson holster

Lot 32 ? Bianchi Smith and Wesson holster, 44? long belt

Lot #: 33

3 Holsters

Lot 33 ? Brauer?s quick draw revolver holster, Colorado Saddlery, Denver holster, and Jay Pee holster

Lot #: 34


Lot 34 – leather holster and belt (rough) and Smith and Wesson size 07 holster and belt

Lot #: 35

1995 Cadillac Sedan

Lot 35 ? 1995 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, VIN 1G6KD52B0SU201694, 4 door, automatic, leather, loaded (power seats, locks, windows), 4.9 Liter V8 PFI, 115,186 miles, excellent condition, great rubber, one minor ding on right front fender.

Lot #: 36

Bedroom set

Lot 36 ? Athens bedroom set: queen size bed w/headboard, night stand, chest of drawers, dresser w/mirror ? excellent condition

Lot #: 37

Knives, watches, buckles

Lot 37 ? Numerous pocket knives, Gene Autry cap gun, JFK collector plate, wrist watches, belt buckles

Lot #: 38

Crocks and vase

Lot 38 ? White Hall crock, 1 gallon, small glazed crock and large glass vase

Lot #: 39

lamps, dolls, misc.

Lot 39 ? Angel lamp, dolls, music boxes and other lamps

Lot #: 40


Lot 40 ? Knowles ?Mathew? sailor doll, hot rod car, paper dolls

Lot #: 41

General household items

Lot 41 ? picture frames, stemware, tea pots, child monitor

Lot #: 42

Cat figurines

Lot 42 ? cat figurines, cat tea pot

Lot #: 43


Lot 43 ? Sherbet cups, duck pitcher set, Scotty dog dish, crackle glass, glass swan, A&W Root Beer mug, misc. glassware

Lot #: 44

Dresser items

Lot 44 ? dresser set, Head pin cushion, Anniversary items, statuary, hand mirror

Lot #: 45

shoe shine kits

Lot 45 ? shoe shine kits, wooden fruit crate

Lot #: 46

Kitchen Items

Lot 46 ? crock pot, pots, pans, Tupperware, utensils, water jugs, misc. kitchen items

Lot #: 47

Homer Laughlin set, glasses

Lot 47 ? Homer Laughlin dish set, milk glass, Coca Cola glasses, rooster figurine, shot glasses

Lot #: 48


Lot 48 ? Pictures: airplanes, pheasants, barn, mirror

Lot #: 49

coffee table, fan, foot stools

Lot 49 – coffee table, Aries fan, foot stools

Lot #: 50

end table and shelf

Lot 50 ? end table, 5 shelf wooden book shelf

Lot #: 51

Reclining chair

Lot 51 ? reclining arm chair, minor wear

Lot #: 52

Desk and chair

Lot 52- waterfall front vintage desk w/oak chair

Lot #: 53

Parlor lamp

Lot 53 ? Victorian satin parlor lamp, has been converted to electric, some damage

Lot #: 54


Lot 54 ? 2 milk glass lamps

Lot #: 55


Lot 55 ? table lamp and brass floor lamp

Lot #: 56

shelf and chest

Lot 56 ? tier shelf and wicker sided chest

Lot #: 57


Lot 57 ? baby fur coat, knitted table doilies, beaded purse, embroidered pillow cases, handkerchiefs

Lot #: 58

Vintage yard long picture

Lot 58 ? vintage yard long cat picture, signed by L Van Vrefenberch

Lot #: 59


Lot 59 ? cherub picture

Lot #: 60

Gun cabinet

Lot 60 ? homemade gun cabinet

Lot #: 61

RCA radio

Lot 61 ? vintage RCA Victor radio

Lot #: 62

vintage glider

Lot 62 ? vintage glider rocker, one spindle has been replaced

Lot #: 63

Oak rocker

Lot 63 ? vintage oak rocker

Lot #: 64

coffee table, foot stools, basket

Lot 64 ? coffee table, doll bed, foot stools, sewing basket

Lot #: 65

filing cabinet and dehumidifier

Lot 65 ? 4 drawer filing cabinet and Kenmore dehumidifier

Lot #: 66

Retro bench

Lot 66 ? retro blue bench/chair

Lot #: 67


Lot 67 ? La Z Boy rocker/recliner, minor wear

Lot #: 68

Sewing machine

Lot 68 ? Kenmore Ultra stitch 12 sewing machine in cabinet w/sewing stool, storage and contents of stool

Lot #: 69

Lift chair

Lot 69 ? Pride lift chair

Lot #: 70

cart and shelves

Lot 70 ? rolling wooden cart, 4 tier plastic shelf, smoking stand

Lot #: 71

Gas pump globe

Lot 71 ? Crown gas pump globe

Lot #: 72

toy box

Lot 72 ? wooden toy box

Lot #: 73

toy box

Lot 73 ? brown wooden toy box

Lot #: 74


Lot 74 ? TV stand and heart shelf

Lot #: 75

Bedroom set

Lot 75 ? blonde bedroom set: night stand, twin mattress, head and foot board, 5 drawer dresser, vanity w/mirror and bench

Lot #: 76


Lot 76 ? twin bed

Lot #: 77


Lot 77 ? arm chair

Lot #: 78


Lot 78 ? numerous dolls: American, Raggedy Ann and Andy, some barbies

Lot #: 79

cart and shelves

Lot 79 ? rolling wood cart and metal cabinet

Lot #: 80

stands and hall tree

Lot 80 ? 2 shelf/plant stands and hall tree

Lot #: 81

Christmas decorations

Lot 81 ? numerous boxes of Christmas decorations

Lot #: 82


Lot 82 ? RCA VCR, DVD player, radios, other electronics

Lot #: 83

Coleman jugs

Lot 83 ? 2 Coleman water jugs

Lot #: 84

heater, spa, luggage, misc.

Lot 84 ? foot spa, portable heater, luggage, luggage stand, pictures

Lot #: 85

Vintage toys

Lot 85 ? vintage toys: Flintstones, Simpsons, wood letter blocks, Snow White and dwarfs

Lot #: 86


Lot 86 ? Box of dolls

Lot #: 87


Lot 87 ? games: Yahtzee, Trivial Pursuit, Bingo, Go to the Head of the Class

Lot #: 88

Coleman lanterns

Lot 88 ? Coleman lanterns

Lot #: 89

Golf clubs

Lot 89 ? MacGregor golf bag with Spalding golf clubs: 3 woods and 10 irons

Lot #: 90

Yard ornaments

Lot 90 ? Yard ornaments: Concrete deer, racoon, cat, chicken and rabbits

Lot #: 91


Lot 91 ? Concrete statuary

Lot #: 92

Canister set and tripods

Lot 92 ? glass canister set on a lazy susan and 2 camera tripods

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Kitchen items Cap collection and towels Bath stool  cane  stool riser Kitchen Items Dolls vintage fan Fan  lamps  shelf  iron board luggage Yard tools Couch Bowl  pitcher and tea pot Piano doll Fenton dish and England Bone China German bowl Hen on a nest Vaseline glass Carnival glass Pitcher w glasses Dresser Daisy Red Ryder BB gun JC Higgins Mod  20 Remington Speedmaster Mod 552 Winchester Mod  06 Daisy pistol Colt Army  45 Colt Army  44 Colt Cowboy  45 Colt Cowboy  45 Colt Army  44 Holsters Hunter holster Smith   Wesson holster 3 Holsters Holsters 1995 Cadillac Sedan Bedroom set Knives  watches  buckles Crocks and vase lamps  dolls  misc collectibles General household items Cat figurines Glassware Dresser items shoe shine kits Kitchen Items Homer laughlin set  glasses Pictures coffee table  fan  foot stools end table and shelf Reclining chair Desk and chair Parlor lamp lamps lamps shelf and chest linens Vintage yard long picture Picture Gun cabinet RCA radio vintage glider Oak rocker coffee table  foot stools  basket filing cabinet and dehumidifier Retro bench Rocker recliner Sewing machine lift chair cart and shelves Gas pump globe toy box toy box shelves Bedroom set bed chair Dolls cart and shelves stands and hall tree Christmas decorations Electronics Coleman jugs heater  spa  luggage  misc Vintage toys Dolls Games Coleman lanterns Golf clubs Yard ornaments statuary Canister set and tripods


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